Post #47485 - 22/01/2022 03:15:22

Chinese terracotta figures from the US was taken to the Shanghai Museum.


Two clay sculptures from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), donated by Suzanne Fratus from California, USA, are officially placed in the Shanghai Museum. The National Cultural Heritage Administration held a welcome ceremony for the relics on Monday.

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in April The Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco received the two figures and a letter from Fratus describing her family's relationship with them. Fratus said she hopes to donate the relics to the Shanghai Museum through the Chinese government. to return to the Chinese

After investigation and analysis Authorities have initially determined that the two statues are actually from China. Similar to the Ming Dynasty lacquered ceremony statue set at the Shanghai Museum.with support from the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco

The two figures were returned to China on November 26.On December 2, archaeologists confirmed that the two statues were burial objects and were invaluable for studying ancient Chinese burial systems and the history of pottery making. These are designated as national cultural relics of the third class.