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Matthews started looking around to see if he was flagged

And to his credit Matthews' tackling technique was training-tape-perfect in his attempt to avoid a flag Mut 23 Coins. He even turned his head to the side before making contact to ensure that his helmet did not touch Smith's. Instead having the intention of picking Smith up and dropping his into the ground the only thing Matthews did was continue with the tackle that made him fall on top Smith. He was obviously cognizant on the new rule because when he and Smith struck the ground in a clump, Matthews started looking around to see if he was flagged.

After seeing the play After watching the play, I would like the people who made the change at all to have to stand in front of a video of it and clarify how this rule changes can help solve any issue. I also want them be required to describe in detail, what Matthews could had done differently on the play.

Additionally, I'd be willing to pay a premium to see those same decision makers do an actual display of what they think Matthews could be doing differently. I would like them to actually feel the sensation of trying to take on somebody without hitting them. I'd like that shit broadcast to every streaming platform so everyone can get an amusement.

Calling the game "soft" creates in a lot of regular people who have never played football the impression that players need to hurt one another in peace. This also reinforces the notion that players need the owner to "save them from themselves," which solely benefits the owners. Many "fans" are already viewing players more as commodities than actually people Madden 23 Coins Buy, so I feel like it doesn't benefit anyone if players to continue to fall for this trap, even if it's only rhetorically.

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