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Golden Goose Sneakers is


Close your eyes and picture your dad hiking in 1994. More than likely, he was wearing a pair of sneakers similar to these now uber-popular styles. I know I love that, and so I wanted to do corsetry in a way that felt casual and stylish and not like lingerie. It fell into the world of luxury, but still something that felt like me.

If feeling overdressed Golden Goose Sneakers is your worry, you'll never feel that way in a slide or a pair of flat sandals, and these elegant styles are the perfect solution for dressing up without having to sacrifice the ease and comfort that comes with choosing flat footwear over a heel.

I've always longed to be the kind of classy, vaguely Parisian woman who had just one good, solid pair of shoes that she replaced a few times a year, but unfortunately, I am a Jewish pack rat of mild hoarding experience, which means my closet runneth over with hastily purchased flatforms and strappy sandals with gum holding the soles together.

What does that mean for the spring 2022 accessory trends on the runway Consistency is key. Heritage brands continue to produce their signature styles, from Chanel's 2.55 to Prada's newly slimmed-down version of the Galleria tote and Fendi's Baguette.

I thought it would make you sweat, but it didn't. They're the perfect walkable height and go with just about everything. In the mood for shoes Stella McCartney's woven flats were a hit for those who opted not to show their toes during a pedicure-less season, while The Row's flat bare sandals are an instant summer classic you'll look forward to wearing again next summer.