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Ask Michelle Williams or Alexa Chung, who both have long been turning to the wood-soled slip-ons to channel off-duty cool. We do have the know-how here, the craftsmanship, Mai says. I'm not too fond of long sleeves, and I always prefer to have bare shoulders.

She first threw on a checked trench coat by one of her favorite labels, Khaite. Block heels in sandal form seem to be the most popular by far. It isn't just the fresh air that might revive you, though-leaving the house is also a good excuse to get dressed beyond pajamas and to put on gasp! real shoes, even when you don't have a destination in mind.

When Stein studied abroad in Italy during college, she came down with tonsillitis. Still, she wasn't necessarily expecting to find a fan in the goddess of pop herself. B Corp is not a substitute for regulation, there's no question about that, Barboni Hallik says.

in tow, Holmes stepped out in a chic winter look that was, again, extremely wearable. And so he Valentino-fied the construction, making the jacket's cut extra malleable, keeping the shoulders supple, the fabric soft to the touch, and the silhouette fluid, while energizing the look with his colorist's eye.

Clearly, however, she learned from the best. Depending on your preference, there's a wallet to suit your taste and lifestyle. She paraded around London this past week in several head-turning looks. She paired it with a white tee and Vagabond Shoemaker's penny loafers, which retail for an affordable 160.

Our materials aren't perfect, but they have one-third the impact Golden Goose Sneakers of leather because there's fewer chemicals, less use of fresh water, and of course there's the cruelty-free aspect, she says. A dress might not suit your mood or style and so why invest in an occasion-specific knowing you'll most likely only end up wearing it once For a less traditional but equally tasteful wedding guest outfit, you could consider dressed-up tailoring, party-ready jumpsuits, or elegant and formal separates like a bustier top with tuxedo pants instead.