Post #58774 - 28/12/2022 08:20:23

Toxic relationship after divorce and protecting your peace

Protect your peace and learn from your divorce I had an eye-opening realization about a friend recently and thought I’d share.

I've had several long-term relationships in my adult life (particularly an eight-year marriage that just ended in 2022), and for some reason I look for female friendships and perspective when those relationships end. In retrospect, I can say that my female friends helped me tremendously in assessing my situation, regaining my confidence, and getting back on my feet.

After my marriage fell apart, Carrie was such a friend to me. We had known each other for over fifteen years, she lived in another state, so I could tell her things about my now ex-wife that I didn't dare tell my local group of friends. She let me vent when I needed to vent, distracted me with silly things when I needed to cheer me up, and became a very close friend during the darkest period of my life.